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Bio Sculpture Gel 

Bio Sculpture gel is applied over the natural nail for strength, and a finish that is dry instantly and stays looking perfect for 2 weeks.


Natural Overlays  £28


Colour Overlays  £34


French Overlays £36


Rebalance of Overlays or Extensions  £29


Removal of Gel  £17

Gel Removal finished with a nail strengthener.

Removal of Gel when having Gel reapplied. £4.50



Nail Extensions  

Tips are applied to the nail before gel application to add length to the natural nail.

French Extensions £47.50

Colour Extensions £49.50


Nail Replacements £4 each

File and Polish £17

Manicure £30 (with Gel £44)

File and shape nails, hand soak, hand exfoliation, cuticle work, hand massage and polish.

Luxury Manicure £40 (With gel £54)

As above, with a hand mask for super soft hands.

Nail Art from £1

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